(1) Overview


Spatial coverage

United Kingdom

Temporal coverage

3rd October 2012


homo sapien

(2) Methods


Invited speakers gave oral presentations to the workshop attendees. The programme of presentations and summaries of each presentation are provided in the report.

Breakout discussion in small groups was included in the final session. Individual group discussions are summarised in the workshop appendix and feedback given to the full workshop audience is summarised in the main body of the report.

Sampling Strategy


Quality Control

The summary of the workshop presentations and discussions was reviewed and approved by all authors.


Full presentations are only available on application to the speakers. A detailed report of the public engagement focus groups with patients and parents conducted at Great Ormond Street Hospital will only be available through the hospital website for a limited period, and thereafter only on application to the authors.


Delegates and speakers and their affiliations are named in the workshop report.

(3) Dataset Description

Object Name

MRC PROM&PREM Workshop 03-10-2012.zip

Data Type

Grey literature

Format Names and Versions


Creation Dates


Dataset Creators

The invited speakers who provided the presentation materials summarised in the report are:

  • Ms Rehana Ahmed, Patient and Public Involvement and Experience Officer, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Dr Mandy Bryon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Dr Naomi Dale, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Mrs Bridget Hopwood and Mrs Amy Tallett, Child and Young People’s Research Team, Picker Institute Europe
  • Dr Christina Liossi, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Southampton and Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Ms Susan Maillard, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Dr Chris Morris, Senior Research fellow, Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit, University of Exeter, UK
  • Dr Prab Prabhakar, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK
  • Dr Jo Wray, Research health Psychologist, Cardiorespiratory Unit and Senior Research Fellow – Centre for Nursing and Allied Health Research, Great Ormond St Hospital, UK Great Ormond St Hospital, UK

Publication Date

January 2013





(4) Reuse potential

The information within this workshop report is available to users as a summary of current practice and local initiatives in the development and use of PROMs/PREMs designed for use with children and young people. It is intended to support the development of future cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration in this area.